Honda itb kits

SheepeyRace S2000 Turbo Kit (00-09 Honda S2000 F20C/F22C)

URGE Designs is a S focused performances company that partners with industry leading manufactures to provide enhanced performance solutions for the S community.

Our goal is not to provide all of the options for the S but a top tier option that provides VALUE through tested performance gains and reliability. We feel that simplicity offers peace of mind for S owners. It can be agonizing searching a site that has 10 options for each part and you, the consumer, has to research which one is the best. The challenge is that there are too many variables to definitively select which is the best, there are a few top tier parts and we provide a simple option in that top echelon.

We cannot stress value enough. We have found many parts that perform a little better at double the cost. Our parts will most likely not be the cheapest, but we feel they provide the best value as they are tested to perform and last longer. The S is a rare car that is highly developed from Honda. Many S aftermarket parts are expensive due to a smaller addressable market and produced minimal gains on the already optimized S engine.

URGE Designs has packaged parts together that synergistically produce greater results than individual upgrades.

Honda K20 Throttle Bodies

Our passion is for the S Several of our parts are made to order and others have limited stock based upon small orders to cover design changes. We are not trying to sell thousands of individual parts or flood the market with inconsequential items. Our focus is on quality and reliability through a simple portfolio of top tier parts that deliver results.

We intend to service our customers via one on one consultative approach to make sure your goals are met. Please reach out to us via email with your goals and then allow us to communicate with you via phone to confirm the right plan for you. A Micro Group Buy is a great way to save even more on our amazing products!

Have a list of parts you need? Buy multiple products from us and we can make an even sweeter deal! Find out if you qualify.

Whether its a dyno sheet or an idea to improve a product, let us know! Found something you like or just shopping around? This is a demo store for testing purposes — order fulfillment is at the discretion of URGE management.

Facebook Twitter.Notify me when this product is available:. These are an affordable alternative fuel injector set that provided a better spray pattern than stock while also allowing more fuel. For the enthusiast who is moderately building their car and not yet ready to make the jump to a much bigger cc injector, RDX injectors are the way to go. Dyno tests have shown via forums a bolt-on performance gain of approx. Some tuning may be required depending on engine application.

These are an affordable alternative fuel injector set that provided a better spray pattern Add to Cart. Honda K-Series 4. Honda K-Series 5. Compatible with all B-series engines. We only list the FD2 components online, but if you are looking for FD1 components, we can also assist! If it is a piece we do not provide on our website, please send us an email with a part number and we can get you a price quote.

Polyurethane will give you the same OEM quality you would expect from Honda, and will be much harder to break than cheap replicas made of Fiberglass. Keep in mind, the bumper does not include front vent covers, front grills, or brackets for installation. We can provide all of these pieces, though, so please contact us for an inquiry!

We are proud These fenders are metal unlike some fiberglass replicas that are out there. Each set of fenders comes with side marker holes pre cut from the Honda factory Side markers not included.

We can sell them individually, just contact for inquiries The hunt for the pieces for These lights are different from standard FD1 as they feature a black chrome housing as opposed to standard chrome. Piece your FD2 front end together around a set of these and you can do no wrong! If you need a single headlight, please feel free to contact us The Painted Championship White from the Honda factory, each bumper is made out of polyurethane to provide durability. Each bumper will work perfectly with the rest of your FD2 rear conversion and fit seamlessly!

Keep in mind, the bumper does not include a rear diffuser but we can order oem, amongst plenty of other options! We are proud to provide Please contact us for inquiriesThe Plug-n-Play achieved. See images for visuals. These replace the amber sideOur new I.

OBX racing individual throttle bodies improve engine response and power through the use of one throttle body per cylinder. OBX racing individual throttle bodies improve engine response and power output, through the use of one throttle body per cylinder.

Effective tuning per cylinder not compromised tuning with only one throttle body. OBX racing individual throttle bodies improve engine response and power output through the use of the one throttle body per cylinder. OBX racing individual throttle bodies improves the response of engine and the output of power by using one throttle body per cylinder. OBX racing individual throttle bodies reduce air volume within the manifold and improve acceleration response using one throttle body per cylinder.

OBX racing individual throttle bodies improve engine response and power output, gain additional horsepower with proper tuning. ITB allow the engine to operate more efficiently by decreasing, pumping losses to achieve more HP through the use of one throttle body per cylinder.

OBX racing individual throttle bodies improve engine response and power output through the use of one throttle body per cylinder. OBX racing individual throttle bodies reduce air volume within the manifold and improve acceleration response. This improve engine response and power output, through the use of one throttle body per cylinder.When car enthusiasts talk about their favorite engines, a number of classics from BMW's M division always come up—the high-strung four-cylinder from the first M3the 3.

What makes these motors great is not just that they're high-revving and naturally aspirated—they all have throttle response to die for. That's thanks to individual throttle bodies. With individual throttle bodies ITBseach cylinder gets its own butterfly valve regulating air intake, rather than all cylinders sharing one valve. When you apply throttle to an engine with a single throttle body, air has to travel further to reach each cylinder, slowing response somewhat. In an engine with ITBs, atmospheric pressure builds outside each cylinder, so when you open the throttle, air enters instantaneously.

ITBs also help reduce pumping losses at partial throttle. Interestingly, ITBs also get rid of the need to have an intake manifold, as illustrated by the Chevy V8-powered Eisert Indy race car pictured above. So, why don't more cars use ITBs? Well, it's an expensive setup to engineer and produce.

The difference in throttle response is worth it in high-performance engines, but for normal street cars, it's unnecessary. Watch this video from Engineering Explained's Jason Fenske for more.

His illustrations will make this whole thing crystal clear. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Sim Racing Needs Professional Photographers. New Cannonball Record: 26 Hours, 38 Minutes. Richard Pardon. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. More From Technology.Honda's legendary VTEC range of engines continues to be a favourite of tuners around the world.

The combination of large airflow and easy intake length tunability make this the only option for outright performance. The Race kits feature tapered throttle bodies and constant angle inlet geometry. This has the effect of gradually accelerating the incoming air for better top end performance while not sacrificing low rpm air speed for better mid range torque. These give great performance with easy tunability and long service life.

Utilising four SF tapered 48mm throttle bodies, this kit offers outstanding top end performance without sacrificing mid range torque. For a more traditional side draught look.

This kit still packs an almighty punch and looks old skool kool as well. Easy setup and the ability to hold their synchronisation over a long period of time male these Classic kits popular on older retro cars, even daily drivers. The awesome F20C gets even better with this all out ITB kit featuring 51mm tapered throttle bodies and straight flow path right onto the inlet valves.

Perfect for competition applications. The K20A is bascially the front wheel drive cousing of the F20C and features similar mid range and top end performance. Commonly used in Lotus Elise and Exige conversions, this engine responds well to a set of CAT cams and four big Jenvey tapered 51mm throttle bodies.

This was originally a custom kit which received more attention than we first thought. Designed for outright top end performance, the drag kit uses four huge tapered 60mm throttle bodies and tapered carbon ram tubes.

honda itb kits

High quality throttle position sensor with damped wiper for noise free operation. ITB tuning is heavily reliant on throttle position for calculating load and a poor quality TPS makes accurate tuning impossible.

honda itb kits

Don't let all of your hard work and money go to waste, make sure it's fed nothing but cold air with this Pipercross kit. Secret Key. Remember Me. Log in. ITB's and Vtec are made for one another The combination of large airflow and easy intake length tunability make this the only option for outright performance. All of these kits include inlet manifold, throttle bodies, inlet rams and fuel rail.We get tons of readers writing into our Tech Support section asking which mods they should be doing to their cars in order to make them faster.

Rather than answer one guy's questions on what to do, this month we're going to try to help a large segment of the scene: the Honda crowd. In the very early 's Honda engines didn't have too much aftermarket support. Tuners and enthusiasts alike made their cars fast by a lot of trial and error.

Nowadays there is a great amount of aftermarket help with tuning being perfected and newer parts developed regularly. Even more, tuners aren't really having to guinea pig products on their Honda engines. The book has been written and we now know what works and what doesn't. Most people however will go with a cone type filter mounted with a 2. If you want the ultimate performance, a cold-air intake routing the filter down below the engine bay will be your choice. Exhaust The most important thing when shopping for an exhaust is the diameter of the piping.

Unless you're building a monster B series, you should be looking for an exhaust with 2. No, we are not talking about the exhaust tips, those couldn't matter less. A lightweight and straight-through design are also very effective. But lately, tuners have been going for custom one-off pieces. The optimum collector size or opening at the end of the header should be 2. Blox and Skunk2 both improved on the OEM design just a bit. Edelbrock and AEBS went even further with a larger manifold for high output engines.

Better than just a reflash, Hondata offers systems that you can have tuned especially to suit your build. Camshafts Whether you're doing a naturally-aspirated or forced induction engine Jun, Toda and Skunk2 make great cams for the B series. These are inexpensive and very easy on the valvetrain.

Pistons If you have stock cylinder walls, you can use inexpensive cast OEM pistons from the dealership. Now if you you're building an NA 2. Afterwards, ports will be cleaned up and quality checked by hand. Cylinder Block When stock cylinder sleeves aren't strong or wide enough, simply replace them. A rather hardcore upgrade but a necessity when going extreme. Individual Throttle-Bodies There are several brands out there and they're all very different from each other.If you are seriously considering forced induction on your R18 — read this FAQ.

It was written to help answer many common questions, and discuss the special attributes that make the R-series engines from Honda great for boost. The information contained herein has taken years of hard work from many smart people to compile. If you are serious about turbocharging your car, and do not yet understand turbochargers, Full-Race highly recommends reading these two books to get prepared for boost.

These additional MPG technologies only help to make great power under boost. While testing some early EFR turbochargers on prototype engines, Honda saw incredible performance results using the integrated manifold.

We quickly learned what the integrated manifold engines were capable of with the EFR turbo technology, and became interested to see what the R18 could do. The Full-Race R18 turbo kit is designed to be exceptionally powerful and very fast spooling while generating huge area-under-the-curve yet maintaining quick response and spool.

When it came to designing the specifications, Full-Race engineers followed the same design philosophy as our other legendary turbo systems — offering maximum versatility and value to our customers. After a long and thorough development period, Full-Race is proud to release the R18 turbo kit — merging reliable boosted performance AND excellent fuel efficiency.

For example, if you start with an autocross friendly EFR turbo and decide drag racing is your thing, swap in an EFR and retune…. Full-Race kits have always been designed to be hardcore and versatile with no-frills, and the R18 Civic turbo kit is no exception — you get ONLY the best of what you need, no corners cut or compromises made. Our manifold is the best quality, highest flowing and longest lasting turbo manifold on the planet… with the most beautiful welds in the industry.

For example, you have the choice of using any fuel injectors you want to run we recommend the Acura RDX injectorsbut our turbo kits will work with all types. We aim to give you the most value and most performance at the best price. Whether you like dodging cones at the local auto-cross or are looking to hurt egos at the drag races, Full-Race turbo kits are available with your choice of turbo, to suit your application. Quick spool, fast response and a broad powerband with huge area-under-the-curve is the primary focus, with each respective turbocharger bringing unique benefits to the table.

Welcome to Jenvey Dynamics

There is direct compatibility between all EFR T25 flanged turbos, giving the user excellent versatility and easy to upgrade in the future. BorgWarner EFR — This is the smallest EFR turbo in the family, and has a dual ceramic ball bearing, integrated wastegate, BOV, ultra efficient 58mm Gamma-Ti titanium alloy turbine wheel and forged billet compressor wheel — it is also the most affordable in the lineup. If you are looking for a reliable and fun turbo setup, this is the one.

Great on the dragstrip, road course and street. The is recommend for those who have aftermarket cams, and possibly headwork. Capable of supporting over whp, this is one of the highest flowing T25 based turbos to hit the market and the only one of its size to use a titanium alloy turbine wheel.

It is more flow than a stock engine likes to ingest, so if you are staying stock motor get the Stock battery will fit in stock location, no problems.

Full-Race Civic R18 Turbo Kit FAQ

You may want to use a smaller sized battery or relocate it in trunk for weight and heat reasons — but it will not affect the turbo kit. The R18 flashpro must read MAF sensor inputs for proper engine control — so you must remove the sensor from your stock intake, and install it in the Full-Race Intake. When installing FMIC, rotate the ambient air temp sensor vertically and retighten it does not fit between the intercooler and condenser — then install Bumper Beam.

After the FMIC is mounted, trim the fender well sheet metal to clear the giant 2. Ceramic coatings, additional header wrap, additional heat protection measures are recommended for all hot side components in the engine bay.

honda itb kits

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