Vw passat water leak passenger footwell

Original Poster. Search My Stuff What's New 3 12 24 Soggy Passat rear footwell. Just picked up a 54 plate Passat highline Estate which has a soggy rear passenger footwell. Any ideas of common causes and fixes? Daniel1 2, posts months. Scraggles 7, posts months. Heard it could be something to do with pollen filter pulling it into the cabin?

VW 2006 Passat a/c leaking water on interior carpet, easy 10 min. fix...

If you have a water leak in the rear footwells theres a good chance its coming from the front and sitting at the lowest point of the car, being the rear footwells. EvoBarry 1, posts months. Its a common fault, the drain holes under the battery tray get blocked, and when it rains heavily the water fills up there, then overflows into the underfloor heater tunnels that run to the back into the rear footwells.

Search for it, quite common, my dad has a Passat 4Motion and had the same problem. My dad poked the little rubber gromets out of that catch area and hasn't had the problem since. Deva Link 26, posts months. The usual VAG cause is a blocked drain under the battery - water runs in through the heater floor vents and runs to the back of the car.

The front will be wet under the carpets. If it's not that, there are other causes, such as leaking rear doors. Gurbinder posts months. Some had a service measure she if your was covered by this at your local dealer, just remember this was not a recall.

Water leak in rear footwell!!

Thanks guys, are all these faults easy to fix, I wouldnt know where to start. Is a as easy to take it to dealer or indy? Mattygooner 5, posts months.Recently Asked Questions What reasonably-priced battery charger do you recommend? Can you suggest a reliable, economical and relatively cheap car for a young driver?

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Used Car Pricing Search on. Fuel Calculator Petrol or Diesel? What is the Fuel Calculator? Compare two cars to find the lowest fuel cost. Search the forum. Why is there water in the footwell of my car? Any ideas of how water is entering my Volkswagen Eos and settling in the passenger footwell with no signs or evidence of any leaks via the roof drains or doors?

I've cleared out the leaves and rubbish from the air intake under the bonnet and windscreen. The water in the footwell is quite considerable and is creating pools when the carpet is compressed. I think you will find that the drains either side of the bulkhead vent well that you have been clearing out will be blocked by decomposing leaves. That gives nowhere for rainwater to go except via the pollen filter into the footwell. You need to clean the drains out with something like a teapot spout brush.

It could also be that the pollen filter waterproof cover or its seal is damaged and the pollen filter will need to be replaced anyway because it will be sodden wet. Similar questions. Why is there condensation in my Volvo C70? My Volvo C70, which is not garaged, regularly has damp and in some cases water on the base of the boot well.Started by PASJanuary 24, Posted January 24, This is driving me nuts!! For almost 2 months now I have constant water in the rear passenger side footwell.

Deep enough for ducks too. Where is so much water coming from??? Would it come in from bulkhead?? Posted January 25, It turned out to be the air-con doing that, but I've never heard of it happening inside the car.

You don't have kids that are copying you putting petrol in it do you? I Don't get the Rubber Grommet theory?? I mop the water out, but of course it is still damp as has soaken into the soundproofing.

I drive to work. Drive home. It's not as if water is coming up as the car is stationary, seems more that it is getting in somehow, but not up through the floorpan. Posted January 26, Food Dye!

Get some red food dye, place drops along to door seals, boots seals, etc etc etc. Do different seals on different days!! If one day you find red water you'll know which seals or the like you put the dye on the night before.

Just so you know, my R32 is 10 months old. When it left the factory the drivers door looked like it was fine but it was leaking.

vw passat water leak passenger footwell

This was rectified by the dealer before I bought it 2nd hand. Posted January 27, Check the drains are clear under the scuttle VAG call the plenum chamber, though technically it isnt. Water then builds up and flows past the seals on the pollen filter housing. Aye, water is a feckle thing.

Can have a hole in one place and a puddle in a seemingly unconnected place. Posted February 2, I think I've fixed it, I found that the bulkhead where the battery is, had a blocked drian hole found under the brake master cycliderby filling with a bucket of water and using my fingers I managed to clear the blockage and the water was released. Just waiting to see if thats done it. Good luck with yours! Do you know how to re-set the service meter, I've not got a manual and so can't look it up as suggested by others.My Volkswagen Passat 1.

The water is clear and does not have any obvious smell, although obviously the car interior starts smelling musty due to the damp. It is quite a copious amount of water, quite literally a puddle! There seems to be more water at the back than at the front though this could be because the rear foot well is lower than the front one, but is also wet nevertheless and only on the passenger side.

As far as I can see, all window and door seals appear intact. I just need to some advice as to what could be leaking, how I can stop it right now and how to prevent it happening in the future. I would appreciate any help with this!! Thank you in advance. On many cars the heater core is under the dash. They are the hoses that feed the heater core! I noticed that the LH A post trim the interior trim that runs parallel with the front screen was a darker colour. When i felt it, it was wet and when i accelerated, water ran from the headliner onto the back of the rear seat.

If you have a sunroof fittedopen it fully and using something like an empty squeezy bottlesqirt water into the LH front corner of the sunroof aperture where the drain hole is.

If this is clear, water should drain away and run out a "flap" situated between the LHF door hinges. If not, let the pool build up slightly and stick some soft thin flexable wire down the tube and work it back and forth a few times, the pooled water will help carry the blockage away. I do not have knowledge of the Passat but in many cars the heater air intake below the windscreen lets in water which is then drained by two pipes which usually lead down to the front wheel area.

These often get blocked by leaves and general crud. Open bonnet hood if USA and see if the area underneath is wet and if you can locate these drains and if there is water around clear them by "rodding" through with some sort of small flexible wire.

If the car is fairly old, as yours is,blockage of the drains can lead to corrosion in this area can sometimes lead to perforation of the metal above the footwell and water ingress. Firstly, check your sunroof if fitted : It should have drain holes in the front corners of the tray, visible with the roof fully open.

The second option is failure of the moisture barriers in the doors - check the drain holes in the bottoms of all of the doors, and see if the bottoms of any of the door cards are soggy. Most likely cause is water collected in the air filter box area draining into the car because the drains are blocked I have a VW passat, and the floor boards are wet, i have soaked it up, shop vac'ed it,etc and it keeps coming back. I think the AC drain might be clogged but i havent found any good sources to show where or how to get to said drain.

I dont think its the sunroof because it hasent rained in three days, i shop vac'ed it clean today,went out and by the time i got home it was soaked again.

Cfrost answered 4 years ago. Does it get wet when it rains?

Water leak in passenger foot well

I would look at the windshield gasket for leaks and check to see if your door drains are plugged. The drain normally drains under the car near the fire wall on the passenger side.

If you idle the car for a while with the AC on a puddle will form under the drain. The low side is located on the drivers side and the high side is by the condencer. Then open up the red line and wait about 40 min for all the pressure to drop. The system should be evacuated. Deathjam4 answered 4 years ago. So now its just a water of getting under the car and finding the blasted vent, thanks everyone.

Then i would find the drain holes and use a hose or power washer to blast the drain holes out. It is located under the dash my friend. GuruC6XCM answered about a year ago. Lots of bad info from good people. My 08 Passat sat outside for about 6 weeks. Came back and opened the drivers door and saw 2 inches of water. Sucked it out.

Next day, standing water again with no rainfall or use of vehicle. What happens is when so much rate accumulates the padding gets soaked.Search your problem. See more. Water leaks inside. Also check drain below battery housing hope this helps. Make sure to remove all the water as water ingress in your sensitive electronics will cause you an awful headache. Crea tu usuario en el sitio. Oil leak passenger side.

Soggy Passat rear footwell

Passat Saloon. Water tank full of oil. Passat When checking the oil and water levels, I noticed that the water tank was full of oil. Can someone please tell me why this might have happened? Washer pump. Passat 1. I've a vw Passat 1. Water leak from behind glovebox. Sportage When it rains hard, i get water leaking into the passenger foot well from just behind the glovebox. Con someone help me with it please? Tire well full of water. Elantra Elantra.

vw passat water leak passenger footwell

The tire well was full of water and not sure where it's coming from. Water leaking. Odyssey Auto. Water is leaking from my Honda Odyssey Van. It appears to be coming from passenger side under the belts. I know absolutely nothing about this. I've been putting water in every time I drive and it's al…. Do you like StartMyCar? Follow us on Facebook. Log in Sign up. Did you find the website helpful? Browse site version for:. Help Feedback Publish with us. Submit comment. Submit reply.

Submit reply Cancel.Sunroof - if it's anything like mine. Check if the trim on the A pillar is getting wet. Water runs across the roof, down the A pillar and out into the footwell on mine. Thanks chaps, also thanks Mrs6c for the link. I've probably been had. The good news is the coolant level isn't dropping, the footwell doesn't smell or taste of coolant.

vw passat water leak passenger footwell

The bad news is that if it is the sunroof that's to blame, at some point a PO has sealed it from above using what looks to be about 5 litres of black silicone sealant. It's not going to be fun sorting it out Fortunately the car can be kept dry and will live under my 5x3 carport until the troubles can be resolved. Welcome to the Volvo family, indeed! Remove the trim panel and look for water ingress. I imagine that this page will help you as much as it's helped me during my 14 and a half years of RWD Volvo ownership.

Centre vents blow cold fresh air when the side vents blow hot, which is how it is supposed to be Six-cylinder once bought a GLE saloon very cheaply because the previous owner hated the discomfort of all that cold air blowing on his knees despite his having taped up every fresh air inlet grille he could find on the car.

We bought the car, closed the knee vents and drove it home Right, first things first thanks to those of you who've offered advice, posted links and spoken encouraging words. Had a nose round the car this morning hunting the source of the leak I feel a bit of a plank asking this And Lord knows I've googled those words looking for images without successcould someone grab me a picture of the actual vent and it's location? I'm stumped Both sides are the same And the sunroof, sealed like this all the way round.

Thoughts and prayers are focussed on it not being this. I'd imagine unpicking all that stuff without damaging the surrounding paint would be hours of fun. It was properly soaked through, I must have sponged about a litre of water out.

I utilise him for everything from hardening paint, warming underseal, right the way through to drying out car interiors. At this point life got in the way so the only testing I've managed is a jug of water over the bottom corner of the windscreen, no leaking was produced, further investigation will now have to wait until next weekend.

Windscreen lower corner trim. A pillar vent.


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